'Always know the facts'

Cambodia Cambodia manufacture a broad spectrum of brands from luxury to fast fashion.
Minimum work day - 8am - 7pm
7 days/week with one Sunday off each fortnight.
These workers receive the minimum wage.
Han Production At Han we pay base the base minimum wage plus awards. E.g. A pair of Trousers takes 1 1/4 hours to manufacture. 6 pieces can be made in one day.
Award on 6 units = 2 x base wage.
8am - 5pm work day. With 1 hour lunch break.
6 day work week.
Our workers receive on average 3 x the minimum wage.
Our Promise Our investment is in the people. Building a team with on-the-job training in all areas of manufacturing, providing them with invaluable skills and opportunities for further growth. It’s about our community and the sur- rounding community - food vendors, tuk tuk drivers etc. as we grow they grow with us.